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PhD in Computer Science

About Me

The meaning behind my first is coming from a heroic figure of Iran's history. It means eternal or never-ending in Persian but of course that's not the case for me! Find more info here. To learn more about my background one can find my resume below.

  • PhD

    McGill University, Mila, Computer Science

    My research interests lie in the area of Reinforcement learning in the context of human developmental learning. Also interested in computational neuroscience and psychology.

  • Master of Science

    Concordia University, Computer Science

    GPA: A

    Working on Transfer Learning and the ability of learning to learn (Meta-Learning). I did research on applying meta-learning on TCGA dataset and improving the performance of baselines including prototypical network andr MAML on a group of genomics tasks.

  • Bachelor of Science

    Shahid Beheshti University, Computer Engineering

    GPA: 17.22/20

    Bachelor Thesis: Human Activity Recognition by finding patterns in LQI and RSSI signals generated by wireless sensors. I used J48 decision tree and 10-fold cross validation using Weka software to classify the collected data including acceleration in x, y and z-axis, energy consumption and signal indicators.


My academic and professional research projects

  • Ablation Study of TwinNet

    McGill University

  • Sentiment Classification of Yelp & IMDB dataset

    McGill University

  • Model Selection & Evaluation by using Cross-validation

    McGill University

  • Binarization of degraded document images using Matlab

    Concordia University

  • Human Activity Recognition(Bachelor Thesis Project)

    Shahid Beheshti University

  • Developed a Job-Finder Web Application(Bridge)

    Shahid Beheshti University

I'm very interested in Photography, you can see my photos in my flickr

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